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Our Story

Like any good business story, our story begins at the residence of Scott Uram, Founder and CEO of the WutPool. While planning his indoor pool and the dedicated space that it required Scott began to sketch out an idea that would turn this “wasted space” into a multi-use family entertainment facility.

WutPool, Inc. was founded in 1998 as Scott began turning his idea into a reality. Though the journey kept him working late into the nights, Scott’s vision became reality in January 2008 as his indoor pool and its “wasted space” was successfully covered and uncovered with ease and most importantly with use-ability.

The pool was covered with vinyl wood flooring to match the room’s décor and provide an entertainment atmosphere. Soon thereafter, many basketball and volleyball games were played and events and receptions have been held in the new family entertainment facility.

As such, this is the story of WutPool and the beginning of a revolutionary business idea that will turn once wasted spaces into entertaining, multi-use living spaces.

About Wutgroup

WutGroup provides the world’s only load-bearing, retractable, cover technology that creates multi-use areas out of previously limited spaces with single purposes. Through our patented cover technology we offer our customers the ability to quickly and easily cover and use their pool, hot tub, “swim spa”, and other amenities for virtually any activity while providing energy savings and improved safety.

Based in Minneapolis, WutGroup manufactures, markets, and distributes the cover technology through an exclusive agreement with WutPool. WutPool is responsible for research and development of the cover technology and is protected by a very broad patent (with additional patents pending) that have been filed in over 17 countries.

The WutPool cover was officially introduced to the market in November 2008 at the Pool, Spa, and Patio Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and in January 2009 at a similar show in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Since then, our product has been installed in multiple homes and facilities around the world. 

"Innovation is born through desire and necessity"



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