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We convert your pool room into a fully functional, versatile space

Innovative Load-Bearing Technology

Innovative load-bearing sliding floor technology makes space conversion simple. Each platform panel is made of extruded aluminum to ensure it is lightweight yet sturdy. They glide along a roller track and stack into place automatically.

Smooth + Solid + Sturdy + Secure

The WutPool Cover a solid pool cover that can be designed to look and feel like the rest of your floor. Its strength is certified… so strong, in fact, you can park your car and even host a circus or sporting event on it. All-in-all, our innovative covers are as sturdy as the floor you’re standing on.

Fully automatic & retractible

Delight dinner guests as it “disappears” into the wall. Your pool area transforms into a recreational room, event space, or nearly any other use in mere minutes. Our covers increase the usage of a wide variety of formerly single-use spaces. 


Integrated Roller Track Coping System + Automated Robotic Platform Racking System

Each load-bearing panel has mounted wheels that glide gently and smoothly through our patented coping system. 

In our automatic installations, robots rack the panels neatly and efficiently. All the magic happens behind-the-scenes with a simple turn of the key. 

Our patented roller track system allows custom-manufactured, heavy-duty, load-bearing panels to move easily above your pool and lock firmly into place. The panels are automatically stacked and racked by using automated robotic systems. All processes are controlled by a computer, which can be accessed remotely.

All WutPool cover panels are currently manufactured with anodized extruded aluminum or stainless steel that span the width of the pool. The number of panels varies with every application. Panels vary in thickness depending on the span and load-bearing requirements. Covers made from lightweight aluminum extrusions are very strong yet remain lightweight and durable. We can design a WutPool cover to meet almost any load requirements.



Pool & Spa Applications:

WutPool covers are available for swimming pools that are located indoors or outdoors, typical applications include:

Hotel & Resort Swimming Pools
School & Community Swimming Pools
Residential Swimming Pools
Swim Spas and Jacuzzis

Industrial Moveable Sliding Floors and Secure Closing safety covers on coping track

Other Applications:

WutGroup covers are available for many other commercial, residential and industrial applications of most any size. WutGroup covers take space utilization to the max with long-lasting value that far exceeds the purchase price. 



Serious Inquiries Only

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a quote for your cover. 

However, do to the level of interest in our products and the time invested in the “discovery” process, we request that all inquiries be serious and qualified.


Know Your Numbers

In order to provide you with a rough estimate, we will need pool measurements and surrounding information for the indoor/outdoor area. 

These needs include: blue prints (with specific measurements of deck, distance to walls, photos, drawings, etc.). 

The initial estimates will get us on the same page, and we will then go to more detail from there.


Moving Into Discovery

Part of the early development process includes engineering design fees. 

We deal in both retrofit or new construction, and each cover is custom made as each install is unique (ex: rectangular vs. irregular-shaped pools). 

WutPool covers are designed for ease of use, dependability, and long-lasting value.

Design + development + implementation

After the completion of the feasibility process, the fun begins. Our team methodically walks you through the numerous variables necessary to complete your construction process.

Our state-of-the-art, WutPool cover is designed and manufactured exclusively for your specific use by our subsidiary company, WutGroup, LLC.


It depends on the size, site install, whether manual or automatic: We have proposed/built anywhere typically from $25,000 to $750,000; as an example a 20’ x 45’ (Automatic cover) new construction pool cost is around $200,000…NOTE: after it was installed the same home appraised $350,000 more than it previously appraised with a fabric cover on the pool, since the area was now considered living space.

Yes, the WutPool cover can be installed outdoors. The materials used in the cover are weather resistant, currently anodized aluminum and stainless steel. In very cold climates, the cover may have restrictions on opening and closing due to freezing parts, etc.

The cover is made in panels (typical 4′-8′ wide – which separate), then go into the rack mechanism which typical is done at one end. The rack can be above or below grade and takes up the space equal to the panel width plus two feet (it all depends and the site constraints). Manual covers would not be able to Rack – they would need space to just be pushed into.

It is like a floor: Currently we offer floor loadings ranging from the residential to commercial standards; 40 pounds per sq. foot (over 170 average sized men could stand on a 20’x40’ cover) to over 100 pounds per sq. foot (over 440 average sized men could stand on a 20’x40’ pool), respectively. The WutPool cover can be designed to support almost any activity.

The process to design, manufacture and have the WutPool cover delivered will typically be 90 -120 days.

There is a wide variety of flooring that is available, wood, wood look, tile, stone, sport court, etc. Each cover is custom made – planned floor finishing needs to be known due to thickness of built in edges.

WutPool covers can be insulated; which keeps in water, heat, and coolness, reduces chemical use, etc. There is already at least a closed 4” air space in the middle of panels (which acts as an insulator).
NOTE: One of WutPool’s very first customer stated that their gas and electric bills went down $900.00 per month on their indoor pool area due to the heating of pool and air exchanger not being needed to be used; other than when pool was in use.

Yes, WutPool cover can cover odd shaped pools with a step down being part of pool, the WutPool panels would be custom sized larger than the actual pool opening. WutPool works with customer to design this.

The time for a WutPool cover to open or close can depend on a few varying factors, but the typical WutPool cover should take anywhere from 2 minutes to 8 minutes to open or close.

Each WutPool cover is Custom designed and built, if the area for the WutPool cover allows for a design to accommodate this; Yes, it can be done….And, Yes it would reduce the investment.

WutPool covers can be designed and used for an array of load bearing application requirements; pool, stage, working platform, hidden compartments, etc.

The WutPool system can be either key/pass code (or both) protected to keep unwanted/unauthorized users from moving WutPool cover.

WutPool covers are manufactured in the United States and are available for World Wide shipping

WutPool covers are shipped to install location (which should already be ready for receiving per Specs that are part of project0 working with WutPool designers and customer local Architect/Designers/Contractor/installer. WutGroup will have Supervisory on sight for install and hook-up on WutPool Products if scheduled with project.


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