Pool Room in a Home Converted to Custom Basketball Court


A residence in Wisconsin had a dedicated pool room that they wanted to be a multi-use facility – primarily an indoor basketball court.


The following were our key challenges:

  1. The pool had an irregular shape.
  2. The room did not have enough space to place our racking mechanism


A new foundation was dug out to meet the needs of the automated racking system outside of the pool room.


The homeowner claimed the following benefits:

  • “We have not used our $50,000.00 air exchanger that we bought when we installed the pool since we got our cover.”
  • “Our gas bill went down $900 a month” – This is because the cover is insulated (keeps heat in water) and also creates significantly less water evaporation.
  • “The moisture that use to protrude through the rest of house is gone” – Our cover should slowdown and help prevent moisture damage to structure.
  • “We have no more worries about the kids being in house and going through pool area” – Kids cannot drown on a basketball floor.
  • “The kids enjoy playing basketball indoors” – Because this region experiences a winter season, indoor space is at a premium.
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One Space • One Cover • Multiple Uses


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